Watershed Preserve Race Quotes

I could not even begin to keep up with Linda!!! I don't know how in heck she did it!!! I could barely keep up with her as a "gopher" on this race during my first time out at this stuff. A few of the folks that ran the race told her "thanks" in between laps or at the end of the race...they have no real idea how much work she did!!! It was non-stop and wall to wall!
                                                                               Marty Johnson

... it was just an incredibly fun, friendly, family atmosphere
                                                                                 Sam Thompson

This is the only race I know of that gets faster at the end! 
                                                                                 Ray Gruenewald

The course is a gently rolling, very runnable system of trails in excellent condition through a
lush forest…This is an excellent course. The volunteers were friendly and helpful as at most
ultras. The food selection was very good
                                                            Dan Baglione

Thanks for putting on a great event!  Very well done, great aid station eats & volunteers.  
Nice to have an event like that so close to home with the time-limit format.
                                                                                                                             Mike Britt

Thanks for the great job on the race. I thought everything went well and it is a nice course
you picked out. I do like the way all the runners come together on the smaller loop at the
end. It is fun to see everyone again after 10 hours.
                                                                                 Scott Diamond

Nice job. Yes the race met my expectations
                                                                  . Matt Hart

Good Job on the Watershed Run. Your effors are much, much appreciated.
                                                                                                                       Mark Hartinger

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you as well as your AWESOME VOLUNTEERS.
…will definitely be back next year.
                                                      Pat Hinds

…I was very satisfied with the race. The course markings, layout, communications,
volunteers, sponsors and food were GREAT!
                                                                         Jeff Jirka

You put on a great event!  I could not imagine a better course or event.  Change nothing
except the weather.  I think it is the perfect time of year.
                                                                                            Scott Krell

…everything seemed to go flawlessly.  The aid was wonderful, as was the volunteers.  The
course was quite adequately marked. I can't seem to think of things I would change… I
would plan to run next year, but if not I will certainly volunteer.
                                                                                                           Tim Lofton

You both did an excellent job of putting on a new race - thank you!  It was so well organized,
and the trail and markings were terrific – if anyone got lost, they had to work at it.  Even
doing the route backwards… was easy with the ribbons marking the route. Thanks also to
Linda and her crew for the wonderful food - it was so great to have warm soup so early in
the race, especially on a cool, wet day.  Really hit the spot.
                                                                                                 Becky Wallick

I liked the race a lot and the volunteers and support were perfect.
That is of course what we expect from you guys…
                                                                               Lynn Werner



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